Born the half-human daughter of the Unicorn King Alaric, Egoraven is the young heiress of an ancient, magically powerful valley ruled jointly between Unicorns and Elves. Neither at ease with either her Unicorn or Elfin caregivers, Egoraven lives in Edinrahn making the best of what she has but never thinking of what her own life’s desires are. Her unfulfilling yet quiet life is suddenly shattered when her step-mare Lilith joins the Elf Prince Rillian in overthrowing his ruling family with the help of the vicious Dragon Lords. Wanting to bring back true magic to the Elves through Egoraven’s mixed blood, Rillian tries to take the half-unicorn princess for himself but instead Egoraven flees from the valley with her uncle Amadaeo by her side. Now forced to face an unknown, outside world, Egoraven and Amadaeo wander the realm in search of any opportunity to return to Edinrahn and restore the Valley to its former glory. EGORAVEN is rated PG

EGORAVEN Heir of the First Unicorn 01 [00 COVER]

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🌟EGORAVEN is recommended for MATURE READERS for fantasy violence and adult situations.🌟 UPDATES MONDAY – FRIDAY Starting January 2, 2023