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EGORAVEN (Age 19 – Immortal)

Egoraven is the daughter of Alaric, the Unicorn king of Edirahn, and Hannah, a human woman magically transformed into a Unicorn. As firstborn, Egoraven is heir to the Edinrahn Unicorns although after her mother’s death she has been raised mostly within the Elven court to the point of having a marriage arranged for her to Prince Rillian.

Egoraven has never felt completely at ease with either clan no matter how hard Alaric and King Garadowin tried. The Unicorns were physically different despite her ability to shapeshift, while the Elves treated her as more of a novelty worth only to gain the King’s favor. With the help of her half-brother Blackavar, she at least has an ally against her resentful stepmare Lilith and in Prince Rillian she thought he had a true friend in the Edinrahn court. This was all to change when Rillian and Lilith conspire with the Dragon Lords to overthrow the ruling family of Edinrahn

AMADAEO (Age Unknown – Immortal)

Amadaeo is Egoraven’s uncle – Alaric’s brother. Although Amadaeo is older than Alaric, he is not “King Stallion” as it is Alaric who wields more powerful magic.

After the overthrow of Edinrahn, Amadaeo escapes with Egoraven and finds the outside world just as puzzling as his niece does, although he does not share her growing excitement the longer they are away.

Amadaeo takes being a unicorn seriously and is easily offended at anyone confusing him for a horse. He is also very aware of the legends and stories surrounding the Unicorns and the Elves which makes him especially cautious. He tries to keep Egoraven’s enthusiasm in check as a result however even he knows he is also completely out of his element when it comes to living in the world of Men.

PRINCE RILLIAN (Age 104 – Immortal)

Prince Rillian is the only son of King Garadowin, ruler of the Elves of Edinrahn. Self-assured to the point of hubris, Rillian is the only Elf who dares to leave the confines of the Valley to pursue his interest in human Tournaments. It is unknown how he is able to mingle with humans considering the immense distrust between the two races, but what is even more unknown is how Rillian is able to leave the Valley at all. But no matter how many times he leaves, it is believed that the call of the Valley always brings him back, much to his chagrin.

Rillian and Egoraven have a close enough friendship that their marriage is arranged by King Gardowin and King Alaric (Egoraven’s father). However, Rillian has plans of his own for both his relationship with Egoraven and the rule of the Valley. Rillian is as ruthless as he is charming, and his ascension to the throne of Edinrahn cannot come fast enough.

BILAKATH (Age Unknown – Immortal)

Bilakath is the “King” of the reclusive creatures known as Raikashans, also known as the “Dragon Lords”. He considers himself and the rest of the Raikashans the direct descendants of Miraon, the First Dragon and conspires with Rillian of the Elves and Lilith of the Unicorns to overthrow the ruling Elven court and take over the magically powerful valley of Edinrahn for themselves.

JOHAR AMIR EL SAHAR (Age 43 – Mortal)

Johar Amir El Sahar first rescues/meets Egoraven and Amadaeo soon after their exile from Edinrahn. Artisan and blacksmith, he is one of Daniel’s business partners (along with Morgan) at The Coal Horse. Hailing originally from the desert city of Kadaran, Johar was a general until the winds of fate brought him to Doornham where Daniel was the only one willing to give the douban a chance to earn his keep.

After Egoraven unwittingly gets herself involved as the Champion of Lady Alexandria, Johar – with his vast knowledge from his previous life – takes on Egoraven as a “squire” and trains her for life on the Tournament circuit.

MORGAN THE FOX (Age Unknown – Mortal)

Morgan is the outspoken third partner of the Coal Horse. Despite his short stature (He’s about half as tall as Egoraven), he is by no means a child. Morgan is responsible for the general upkeep of the shop, inventory, and maintaining the equine borders of the stable. But if it’s one thing that Morgan truly excels at, it is archery. In fact, Morgan is one of Doornham champion archers, although not officially. Because he is not a noble, he does not qualify to compete in any of the royal tournaments so he is not recognized as a champion. But when the locals throw their own contests, Morgan is always a favorite.

Somewhat self-centered, suspicious, and not one to hold his tongue, Morgan has a habit of getting into trouble that either Daniel or Johar usually snatches him out of. But give him a bow and an arrow and Morgan is a force to be reckoned with.

DANIEL BRODERICK (Age 23 – Mortal)

Originally hailing from Summervale, Daniel is the main proprietor of The Coal Horse – a blacksmith foundry and stable in Doornham. After apprenticing in Acerael, he founded The Coal Horse with the help of Morgan the Fox and was soon joined later by Johar. He is the first human to welcome Egoraven and Amadaeo in as it is apparent he does not hold the same casual prejudice against animal-people, including magical ones. He is good-natured and cheery – quite a contrast from the ever serious Johar and the ever frantic Morgan.

He also becomes involved with Johar and Morgan in training Egoraven for the tournament circuit as his skill with the quarterstaff makes him a valuable teacher – along with his unusual (for a blacksmith) interest in court dancing and literature.

ORCHID (Age 22 – Mortal)

Orchid is a courtesan in the long-term employ of the Baron Reynald Beusaugh of Dallyn. It is widely believed that it is the Baron himself who partakes of her services however Orchid acts more of a caretaker for the Baron’s daughter Alexandria, an unusual position for a courtesan of Orchid’s stature.

Due to a mis-asked sorceress spell placed on her in her youth, Orchid sports a curved, ivory horn and a unicorn’s tail although she is human in every other way. It is these similarities that cause Egoraven to become smitten with her and consider Orchid her muse on the tournament circuit.

Orchid, unashamed of her profession, possesses a worldliness that shies from weariness. Although she has experienced many things in her line of work, Orchid carries herself with dignity and patience especially when it comes to her charge, Lady Alexandria.


Alexandria is the daughter of the Baron Reynald Beusaugh of Dallyn. Headstrong and willful, she is the source of never-ending grief for her father who worries she will never become a proper noble without his strict guidance.

Alexandria is in the constant company of Orchid the courtesan, an unusual companion for a young lady of noble birth. Fearing that her “eccentricities” may eventually get the better of her, Baron Reynald attempts to arrange her marriage to Cerrik, champion to Duke Mercer of Doornham.

It is this event that causes Alexandria to claim Egoraven as her champion instead of Cerrik, a decision that will haunt both Alexandria and Egoraven and unknowingly put them both in danger.


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