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Born the half-human daughter of the Unicorn King Alaric, Egoraven is the young heiress of an ancient, magically powerful valley ruled jointly between Unicorns and Elves. Neither at ease with either her Unicorn or Elfin caregivers, Egoraven lives in Edinrahn making the best of what she has but never thinking of what her own life’s desires are.

Her unfulfilling yet quiet life is suddenly shattered when her step-mare Lilith joins the Elf Prince Rillian in overthrowing his ruling family with the help of the vicious Dragon Lords.

Wanting to bring back true magic to the Elves through Egoraven’s mixed blood, Rillian tries to take the half-unicorn princess for himself but instead Egoraven flees from the valley with her uncle Amadaeo by her side.
Now forced to face an unknown, outside world, Egoraven and Amadaeo wander the realm in search of any opportunity to return to Edinrahn and restore the Valley to its former glory.

EGORAVEN is rated PG



Edinrahn: The valley where the Unicorns and Elves live. It is an area with deep magic and any mortal who crosses its borders become trapped for eternity, much to the delight of the Elves. All mortals who know better steer clear of Edinrahn’s borders and no roads even dare come near it. Only the Unicorns have been known to venture outside of the Valley but they are not known to stay very long away.

Eihdans: Elves – Although they look like the traditional elves of lore, the Eihdans, thanks to their obsession with humans, have become basically humans themselves. They are in deep denial about it though. Generations of crossbreeding has dwindled their magic to near nothing, but enough for the Valley to keep them prisoner. Elf, elves, and derivatives are the Human words for the Eihdans.

Raikashans: Dragons – Humanoid dragons believed to be direct descendants of the First Dragon Miraon. A vicious and jealous race kept alive by the magic they possess, which is just as well since oddly enough, there are no female Raikashans. In the Human tongue they are known simply as the Dragon Lords.

Rakans: Raptors – a slave race of half-dragons that were allegedly created by the Raikashans. Fierce but not very intelligent which makes them even more dangerous as they are prone to impulsive attacks even on each other.The word Raptor is the Human word for the Rakans.

Arisyan: Unicorns – Direct descendants of Arias, the First Unicorn. They only exist along with the Elves in Edinrahn. They are both revered and feared by the outside world. Not only have unicorns come to the aid of humans in the past, they are also known to kidnap them for the insatiable appetites of the Elves. The word Unicorn is the Human word for the Arisyans.

Arias: The First Unicorn – According to legend she is the first creature created by Helo, the Sun God. She was created to protect the first humans but when the willful creatures decided to live their lives on their own terms, Arias disappeared into the celestial world but not before leaving her mark with the Arisyans.

Douban: Animal people – This is the human word for any mix human/animal being, or any animal that has human sentience, especially the ability to talk. The word is also shortened to “dob” however this usage is mostly used as a slur.

Miraon: The First Dragon – she was created by the jealous Leda, the moon queen after she saw how Helo treated his new world and new pets. Miraon wanted the sun god’s attention as well but her dark nature kept that from ever happening. Instead, she went after Arias . A great battle occurred between the dragon and the unicorn, with Arias emerging as victor. Legend has it that the magic of Edinrahn is a direct result of Miraon dying in that valley, which is why Edinrahn is so valuable to the Dragon Lords who view Edinrahn as their birthright.

Helo: The Sun God aka The Creator – worshiped by mortals, Humans especially. Although the Elves and the Unicorns know of him as being more than just an object of worship, they do not revere him.

Leda: The Moon Queen aka The Night Goddess – worshiped by mortals, Humans especially although not in equal fervor as with Helo although no one considers Helo complete without her.

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