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Praise for EGORAVEN

“Unique as a unicorn, Daphne Lage’s medieval styling with a cartoon twist weaves a tale filled with Fantasy, Adventure, and Romantic Rainbow Love!” – John Celestri, animator, STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, ROCK N RULE, creator of Bloodwing Fire Fist Angel

“Egoraven is an underdog story full of fantasy and adventure. A coming-of-age tale about trying to figure out your place in the world at the most challenging time in your life. A story we all can relate to.” – Vesenia Lindsey, Creator of Celestial Pulse, Vesenia Designs

“…Egoraven herself is an interesting protagonist, torn between multiple worlds while being pressured to choose between them, all the while being denied by them. Anyone who has struggled to belong or been torn by family, happiness, duty, and obligation can find something relatable in here.” – Dee Fish,  The Art of Dee Fish

“Writer and artist Daphne Lage’s new book, Egoraven, is a well-paced, vividly illustrated contribution to classic epic fantasy.” – William Gosline,

“The read was both exciting and heart pulsing as you turned the pages wanting more. A world filled with Unicorns, Elves, Dragons, betrayal, struggle, and loyalty. All of the ingredients which make up a story worth reading.”Sam Vera, Catch Da Craze Podcast

“Egoraven is not your stereotypical damsel in distress, she is a strong medieval princess that will prove she is a force to be reckoned with!” – Bri Shepard,

“This is a complex and rich fantasy involving multiple competing factions where even nominal friends may have conflicting interests. The half-human, half-unicorn, Egoraven is a unique twist on the heroine who’s an outcast for being different… Egoraven #1 is an exciting start to a large scale epic fantasy adventure.” – Ben Lacy, Shark of War

“Egoraven Heir of the First Unicorn takes the very relatable theme of finding one’s place in the world and gives it a magical twist by telling it through the lens of a magical unicorn that’s not quite magical enough for the world in which she lives. If you love action and intrigue with a dash of unicorns and, dragons then you will enjoy this first issue of this promising new series.” – Mary “Zorilita” Bellamy, My Little Pony, Ah Heck!! and Faux Facts,

“I loved it! Can’t wait to read the next issue. The characters are so vivid and fun to read. I felt like I was watching a show on tv. The artwork is magnificent! Job well done! Wow!”Jorge Medina, Russ5377, The Adventures of Wonder Duck

“Action, intrigue, and engaging characters all set in a richly developed world. Add to that the gorgeous art… excellent! I can’t wait to see where Egoraven’s adventure takes her next.”Darc Sowers, Code Name: Hunter

“Egoraven Issue 1 is a gorgeously illustrated comic book, and a great start to an all-new original fantasy story that leaves you yearning for more!”– Robert A Multari, Creator/Writer of Night Wolf, Lone Wolf Comics

“…this is a coming of age tale… Egoraven is a strong protagonist on a classic hero’s journey that is fraught with conspiracy and chicanery. She will be tested. Heroes and villains will eventually be revealed which leaves the reader anticipating the next issue.” – Meredith Loughran, Geek Insider

“Through her titular character… Daphne Lage leaves behind the typical telling of the strong female character cliche, as she shows us this young woman’s journey to personal empowerment within the fantasy world she envisioned while maintaining realism as Egoraven finds herself through her own flaws, fears, trials, and triumphs.” – Nita Lanning, Indie Comics Network

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