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🦄Another issue in the can!

🦄Another issue in the can! published on No Comments on 🦄Another issue in the can!

Thank you so much to the 154 people who pledged $3,741 to EGORAVEN: Heir of the First Unicorn issue 7. I am going to let the campaign set for a couple of hours before I start making my final counts and getting my files together to send to the printer this weekend. So, barring any issues with printing, I’m looking to start getting everyone’s pledges out by the first week of October at the latest. EGORAVEN: Heir of the First Unicorn issue 8 will return on Kickstarter in early 2024!

But if you want to see more EGORAVEN sooner than that, don’t fret! Our next campaign is EGORAVEN: Medieval Unicorn Viking Slut – a 3 comic set featuring the sexy Conan the Barbarian parody EGORAVEN: THE UNICORN KING’S DAUGHTER, an even sexier adults-only supplement MEDIEVAL UNICORN VIKING SLUT, and the canon shorts collection EGORAVEN: TALES FROM THE OUTER KINGDOMS which features stories I had to cut from the main HEIR OF THE FIRST UNICORN storyline but were just too fun to not print in its own collection.

If you don’t want to miss out on this campaign, the prelaunch page is LIVE NOW. Just click on the NOTIFY ME button to get an email from Kickstarter the second the campaign goes live SEPTEMBER 25, 2023!

CLICK THE LINK HERE: 🐺🦄Egoraven: Medieval Unicorn Viking Slut – 3 Comic Shorts Set:

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